Quiénes somos

Who are We?


It is a marketing paradigm, based on lateral thinking applied to crowdbuilding.

We all have something infinite, our imagination. One day, a creative people tired of negativity in the media about the crisis, analyzing his SWOT, felt that their strengths were his imagination and creativity, he combined them with lateral thinking and began to forge a way to reach their goal by a different path from the conventional one.

Objective: He wanted to take his business and residence to the Costa del Sol (Spain), working and living in a stimulating environment. After several brain stormings (brainstorming) with his fellow creative people, they had fun with this initiative, and wanted to share it with the global creative community to make this challenge extended to the world, and enable creative people of any country, build their business and live , free for a year, in an idyllic setting with 100 brilliant creative people.

Why not find what we desire in a different way?

Conventional logical thinking: We save 30% of the investment we need, seek endorsements, and go to the bank to ask the remaining 70%. Are we lucky?

Lateral thinking: "sell" our creativity running an innovative marketing plan. We want a brand to "give away" our chimera. What can we offer?. An exciting and challenging concept so that they would not have arisen. Impossible is only that which you dare not to do.

We know marketing, crowdsourcing (collective intelligence, 2.0), and online social networks. We are "crazy." Let's mix everything and let the creative people to participate from around the world!.

Project: Seven-Day Weekend is an innovative and creative proyecto, culminating in a building linked to the brands, and the ability to creatives people around the world to be part of it.

It offers the opportunity to the interested brands to integrate their marketing / packaging in the building, aligning the brand personality with creativity and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Seven-Day Weekend allows the possibility of offering an integrated service to creative entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of coworking and creative coexistence in a brand building, FREE.

This project will be done from the various proposals obtained from creatives people around the world through the Seven-DayWeekend.com site, so it is considered the creative cooperation the main factor.


In short, in Seven-Day Weekend, we live (creative people) in a creative building that is the "packaging" of a brand, which offers the opportunity for other creatives people to develop their potential in a fun, collaborative and stimulating environment, totally FREE. This "crazy" is coming from Angel Osuna, founder of Prodigia.com. In the FAQs are the details of Seven-Day Weekend (link).



Sabemos de marketing, de crowdsourcing (inteligencia colectiva, 2.0), de online y redes sociales, estamos “locos”. Combinémoslo todo y hagamos partícipes a los creativos de todo el mundo!



Más detalles e información en las preguntas frecuentes.